Projects / Work

Big Projects:

✔ Develop annual Health Curriculum for L.T. Lapusna
Renovation of school court yard w/ benches – SPA Funding
Renovation of sport stadium (Utilize to educate on physical activity) – PCPP Funding
✔Emerging Leaders Club: Mural project, Pen Pals, Volunteer activists

Small projects:

SEMINARS: ✔ Jiu Jitsu, ✔ Dental Hygeine, Computer Workshop, Discrimination “WALL OF HATE”
Health Campaigns: Stereotypes & Stigmas / Healthy Eating & Body Image
✔ Sport uniforms for Lapusna
Grassroots Soccer Camp in Moldova (HIV Initiative)
World AIDS Day: Flash mob, Awareness Posters, Masa Rotunda
✔ New Books for School (Darien Book Aid Donation)
✔ Participate in group skit to promote youths’ rights x2 (TVC)
✔ Wrote curriculum and program competencies for future volunteers in HE program (facilitated PST training)
Lessons for ’13: 2nd Hand Smoking, Healthy weight gain/loss, Time Management, Mass-Media influence


– Be fluent in Romanian, Intermediate Proficiency in Russian, Spanish

– Travel to 25 different countries with nothing but a backpack

– Skydive in Europe, run a half marathon, finish 100 books, increase my knowledge of the world (religions, culture, history)

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